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Equipment: short stress big bar rolling mill

This big alloy steel big bar mill was put into production in October, 2014. This mill has the most perfect process and applies most advanced technology in China till now. Its product focuses on offering middle sized high-end special steels for automobile, engineering machinery, petroleum pipeline, and drill collar, shipbuilding and etc. Main product size between diameter 80mm to 350mm, and material covers gearing steel, bearing steel, spring steel, alloy steel, free cutting non-quenching steel, low alloy high strength steel, anchor chain and mooring cable steel, carbon steel and etc. Annual production in design is 400,000tons.

Shigang Jingcheng rolling mill project, as the key planning project of Liaoning Province during the “Twelve Five Planning”, has 3 leading echnology advantages as following:

1. The mill feeding material max diameter is 1100mm, which is the biggest in China. Big size feeding material sharply promotes the material compression ratio.  Φ1350 cogging mill is also the world biggest for bar rolling mills. Rolling reduction for single pass is max 90mm, which is far above the conventional level 50mm for other mills. The greater rolling reduction brings the pressure transformation till to the bar’s center area, leading to better grain size and microstructure.

2. The digital heating furnace applies French Fives Stein’s latest patented technology. The unique burners bring great contribution for more uniform organization of the heated billets and product performance more stable.

3. Electrical system is supplied by Siemens (China Engineering Company), including process automation and management automation. Cogging mill main motor was imported from Germany, medium voltage AC - DC - AC converter SM150. S120 frequency converter is used for low voltage drive. Automation and drive device connect through PROFIBUS. The whole line electrical system is AC driving.